About Us

We have served the public and the fastener business for more than 135 years with the best of our abilities. Following our establishment’s growth once more from our humble beginnings, we can say we’ve undeniably advanced essentially starting now and into the foreseeable future. Our name changed yet never the quality of the products and the services. We believe that our customers are a piece of our flourishing. In this manner, BDS Fastener and Supply LLC is happy to join with our customer to pattern a standard or special fastener or Class “C” stock in their ventures.

With an excess of 100,000 SKU’s in our warehouse as of the moment and with the number soaring daily, our services need to keep up. BDS has a stable location with customers and clients in the Midwest and in the whole of United States. The money related changes have engaged BDS to work with countless organizations. We work in Port Washington, WI yet we as of now serve clients from over the US and distinctive countries like Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, Italy, and Belgium too.

W.I.T. Each staff and partners live by this at BDS Fastener and Supply company. “Whatever It Takes” to address the issues and needs of our customers and make them feel satisfied with their purchase or obtained service. With the experience, skills, and commitment of our staff, our primary objective is to fulfill and outperform our client’s wants.

We offer kitting, custom packaging and stowing, Vendor Managed Inventory Programs (VMI) for their Class C Commodities. We moreover offer hook latches both in standard or uncommon qualities. Get in touch with us today.