Spring Cleaning Tips to Remember this New Year

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Having a healthy and clean house is not as difficult as you may think. All you need to do is to check out the following spring-cleaning tricks and tips you can apply to help people who suffer from allergies in your household. Keep on reading to learn more about this.  


Research shows that a cluttered house can increase your stress level as it signals your brain that work is not finished. The scientific effects of inhaling dust added with the anxiety of getting back to a disorganized work area can take a toll on you and your health. Since you’re mostly spending more time at the comfort of your house—specifically in your home offices due to COVID-19—it’s crucial to keep a neat working area.   

Make a schedule 

Try to assess your property and determine where do you usually skip during your regular cleaning and what areas require the most work. Answering that helps you know the ideal places to start cleaning in Grants Pass OR. It doesn’t matter where you begin. Just make sure that you come up with a plan that will help you keep your focus on the task you have. The best tip for that is to go room by room.   

Always clean from the top to bottom 

When it comes to doing spring cleaning for your house, it’s crucial to take note that you must always begin from the ceiling and work your way down to the floor. This method is more convenient as it will push the debris to go downward. As a result, you can eliminate the need to reclean or re-dust your area.  

When you have a vacuum that has an extension hose, utilize it to get dust and cobwebs from your fans and ceilings first. After that, dust the remaining items and your furniture before you vacuum all the debris and dust off your floors. Doing so can help you save time and be a lot more efficient than doing it the other way around.  

Utilize a HEPA vacuum 

Once you vacuum, know that you can eliminate more than just the accumulation of dust. A high-end HEPA vacuum is one of the best investments you can have and add to your spring-cleaning equipment and supplies. HEPA vacuums are ideal for home cleaning as they can get even the smallest airborne particles that can’t be visible in the naked eye but can aggravate allergy symptoms. Moreover, this vacuum can trap things, such as household particles, allergens, and pet dander.  

Don’t be scared of bathroom and kitchen cleaning 

Here are some of the typical trouble areas that people tend to forget about that must be done as you clean your bathrooms and kitchens. 


  • Go through your medicine cabinet or drawer and throw away items that are already expired. 
  • Replace your shower curtain with a new and clean one. 


  • Make sure to utilize a steam cleaner or a gentle cleaner to prevent issues and scratching if you own stainless steel appliances. 
  • Go through your refrigerator and pantry, throw any old items, wipe down the shelves and your kitchen cabinets. 

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