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Conquering your fears could be very hard. There are many kinds of things and stuff that people don’t want to encounter in their entire lives or maybe they don’t want to experience again because it brings them a not so good memory of unpleasant imagination of the said event or situation. It is very common for most of the people to be afraid and feel scared to speak or to deliver a speech in front of many people and audiences. Some might understand your situation as they experience the same thing before and it is ok to be nervous as you don’t know what is behind the world of what you are doing right now. But the second time that you are going to do it. It could be something like you would say you are more comfortable now and be able to communicate with your people and audience who are listening to you. It gives you the proper mindset as your brain is already in the state of its condition. No more buckling too much and there is a smile now in your face. The same thing to those people who are not very camera or picture lovers. I mean not the literal meaning but the thought of being in front of the camera and take a photoshoot. Do some candid shoots and even make fun of yourself while taking the different angles of yourself with a lot of people looking and watching you. Photography is an art like the way you impart your ideas to others. There are some people who build their confidence while they are still young. There could be some people who always think that they look ugly in front of the camera. This gives a lot of people the fear of being bullied or criticized by others. Here are some of the excellent pointers that you have to put in your mind to take a better picture of yours in the future.  


You don’t need to be quick when taking a photo or photoshoot. Sometimes, you need to project a lot for the photographer to get the right angle and perfect image of yours. Some might think that doing it very fast would make the person feels ease but the answer is no. Take your time to explore yourself as nothing is done in a hurry.  

If you are always thinking that you are not the pleasant to be in front of the camera. Then, change this view of your mind. Try to consider the thought that everyone is unique. Everyone has their own special skills. Try to look for the confidence in yourselves.  

It is not the same like before. With the advanced camera, you can take a lot of shoots with different angles. This will give you and your photographer the chance to choose on which one is the best. No need to worry about making mistakes in giving your best. Try to be more relax and be positive in every take you make. You don’t need to be perfect to have a good shot  

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